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Welcome to this website. It's here to satisfy requests for presentation bio's and related profile and career backgrounder requests. It's also here to solicit friends, prior colleagues and friends I haven't yet met who would like to brainstorm really creative business or philanthropic ideas. My business focus is software technology, and particularly cloud business software for global middle market and enterprise organizations. My philanthropic passion is marine conservation. Got an idea?
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Current Project

Vantive Media

Developing a global technology media company. A welcome change after developing mission critical business systems for the last several years. This upstart combines my passion for the cloud, global business, social media, business applications and communities.

Enterprise software and information technology evaluations and purchase decisions are complex and fraught with risk. Technology leaders seek the best independent analysis sources, useful research and tools to help make better decisions more quickly.

Vantive Media produces software technology media and focused content that helps business leaders and technology managers make better IT purchase decisions. Our Editors and advocacy journalists apply a mix of original research, remarkable content and content curation in order to deliver deep subject matter expertise and collaborate with communities.

Vantive's portfolio of top website brands, original research, licensed third party research, proprietary tools, decision matrix models and network of social media tools and community forums collectively deliver the most relevant, comprehensive, visited and trusted technology information on the Web.

You can check it out at



Chuck Schaeffer

Current Philanthropic Project

Vantive Foundation

My primary personal focus continues to be growing Vantive Foundation for the preservation of our natural oceans, marine ecosystems and marine wildlife with a particular emphasis on cetaceans (whales, dolphins and porpoises). The Southern ocean is the current global hot spot so we're figuring out a way to work with Sea Shepherd; a task that is more difficult than it sounds. Lets discuss if this sounds interesting to you.


Vantive Foundation